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Late news

International Conference On Web-Based Learning (ICWL) + International Symposium On Emerging Technologies for Education (SEPE) 2022 organization team.

Paco Martín Fdez
- IBM Research

"Carina and her research group always use the word excellence as a definition for the development of their projects. They take care of everything down to the smallest detail and it shows in the results".

Lynn Alves
- Universidade Federal da Bahia

"My relationship with Carina Gonzalez and ITED, in the last ten years, has been developed in several publications and events that contributes to the critical understanding of the presence of digital technologies in different learning scenarios (school level, academic level, hospital, among others), strengthening the internationalization of our research groups. I must highlight the remarkable presence of Carina, with her research and publications, for my growth as a researcher and for the other members of our group".

Yeray Barrios
- PhD Student at University of Twente

"The best thing about working at ITED was the opportunity to collaborate with researchers from many areas. They shaped some of my current research interests. Rather than training experts in one subject area, at ITED they want you to learn how to use your expertise to collaborate with others on larger projects. At ITED, people come before machines, that's why we work on technology projects that really help to make life easier for others".

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